Before the website Lice grada was launched, I was publishing every day here on this website. Unfortunately, that website takes most of my free time, so I don’t have much time to publish here every single day. I tried publishing three or four times a week, but it is difficult. Maybe I could do it, but I’m trying not to publish if it isn’t worth it.

The exceptions are interesting events, like the football match between GNK Dinamo Zagreb and FC Juventus, but these events don’t occur very often. So, I decided to keep publishing events like the mentioned one, and to start publishing weekly (probably somewhere at the start of the week).


I’ll continue uploading photo stories, cars and events (I’ll upload those the same, or the next day). Well, everything like I do now, but I’ll keep it simple – once a week (or more if I photograph an interesting event).

One of topics I did for the website Lice grada, and I'll also upload it here
One of topics I did for the website Lice grada, and I’ll also upload it here