It was one of those days: I had a chance to end my daily job at 3pm on Friday, and I had a car on a test. I like when those two things align. Also, as you can see it wasn’t some boring city car like the… ok, without mentioning “boring city cars”, it was the all new Mercedes Benz GLC Coupe! Since I joined the AutoIQ Magazine in June 2012, I had quite a few cars from Mercedes: the A Class, two GLE’s, C Class Coupe, CLA Shooting Brake… All these cars weren’t bad at all, and I’ve been enjoying driving every single of it.

The first thing I saw in the morning was my parking lot. I was thinking about how I’m going to park the red GLC Coupe here in the afternoon

Back to the GLC Coupe

Right as I finished with my shift, my colleague drove me the GLC Coupe so I could go and photograph it before the sunset.

I sat in the car, put my USB on, and it was time for the road!

But, it wasn’t all going as planned. Of course, the city streets are jammed at 3pm on Friday, so my plan to go a bit outside the city was almost scrapped, but I was stubborn enough to keep driving there.

Of course it will be the red every time I get close to the traffic light
The traffic was horrific, I almost quit

After leaving the jammed streets, finally the empty road! The sun was hidden behind the clouds and the night was coming really fast. As soon as I spotted the place where I could take photos of the details, I stopped.

The first part

Not the best possible place, but I was loosing the light quickly and I had to start somewhere. The location was the road from Zagreb to Kasina (where I often go with these cars). There weren’t many cars passing on this road, so I could put the car in the middle of it. But first, the interior, which looks amazing!

I’m in love with this interior

The details

Ok, this car doesn’t have a huge amount of the details outside like some cars I’ve photographed, but it’s quite pretty so I had to make a lot of images…

I like its ass

(Almost) empty road?

Cars were passing by every 5 or 6 minutes, but I still decided to make a couple of images of it standing in the middle of the road. Why not?

Time to leave the first location

At this point, the sun almost went completely down, and the clouds were making everything even worse, but I didn’t want to surrender yet!

Let’s have some fun
I like this image

Where is the sun???
Yup, it’s completely dark already

A quick look at the scenery, and we’re of
Nice one!

I went to a small church were I’ve photographed the Mazda MX-5…

When I photographed the MX-5, it was sunny and I drove with the roof down, but now… It was cold!

Raise your ISO!

Enough, it’s cold! Let’s drive some more


Comparing to the other SUV from Mercedes I drove, the GLE (the white one, which is more expensive than the black one I drove), I like this more. It’s much cheaper, better looking, smaller, and I think I would rather pick this one than the GLE. And I would like to have it in this red, it fits it rather nice.