This is going to be a special post. Today is, on the day I’m writing this, the December 29th, 2016, I’ll have to wait for some time before I can publish this because there are information I still can’t share with anybody. The story is the following: This car, Abarth 595 Competizione, is the last one I’ve photographed for the AutoIQ Magazine because after almost five years, this magazine is shutting down. I’ll share a very special post about it in the following weeks, because this one is all about the Abarth.


This is an interesting way to end my collaboration with the AutoIQ Magazine, which lasted for more than 4,5 years in which I’ve photographed 186 cars, many car events and presentations and one motorbike and a van. There were options that we’re going to have another car as our last one, but that wouldn’t be as cool as this one, so I was really happy when my colleague told me that we’re going to have the Abarth 595 Competizione as the last car on a test.

I was really really really excited because of it! Since the last time I drove the new Fiat 500 (595 Competizione is based on that car) I was surprised how much I liked that car. I wasn’t a big fan of it, but after spending some time driving it around, I found it to be a really nice car!

You can’t forget the foundation of this car
Fiat 500 I had on a test

Wait for it…

It was late night, somewhere around 11:30pm, when the colleague promised me that he’ll drive the car to me. I was watching Two and a half men when I heard an interesting noise outside my apartment. I watched outside the window and there it was, just waiting for me. The car was parked and the sound was AMAZING! Quickly I dressed and went there.

Waiting for me the next morning…

After I drove the colleague home, I was searching for the parking lot near me, but I barely found it. It was interesting because it was the first time I’ve enjoyed searching for the place to park a car. I wanted so badly to drive it immediately, but I had to be patient and I went home for a sleep.

The next morning

A minute after I woke up in the morning, I got chills just because I knew what I’m going to do that day. I went to the gym, had breakfast, and the time finally came – let’s do some photos.

The parking lot where I’ve photographed the first ever car for Auto IQ Magazine

First of all, I had to drop my brother somewhere, so I used that to go to a parking lot where I’ve photographed the first car ever for AutoIQ Magazine. It was the Mazda 5 on the parking lot of the shopping center City Center East. I rushed there and took two photos because I didn’t want to have any problems with the security guards, as we had when we went to photograph that Mazda 5. That’s the reason why this photo above is so special to me. There are 184 cars between the above and the below image. Photo of the Abarth 595 Competizione doesn’t look amazing, it’s just an special photo for me.

Mazda 5, the first ever car I’ve photographed for AutoIQ Magazine, taken on June 9th 2012


After I finished with that, I went to the location where I’ve photographed the mentioned red Fiat 500. I didn’t do anything special there, just usual photos of the interior, exterior, details, etc…

The interior is nice, especially the steering wheel which I liked a lot! Driving around the city is no big deal because the steering wheel is easy, but if you put the car in the Sport, it gets a bit stiffer. There is plenty of space for two adults, I even drove my parents in it and my dad could sit behind, and he isn’t short.


Usually I use my USB for music, but this was the first time that the music was sooooo quiet because all I wanted to do is enjoy the sound of the 180bhp Fiat 500. Oh, sorry, the Abart 595 Competizione. That’s the reason I had to upload that photo below. Exhaust over USB!

My USB was completely useless because all I wanted to listen is the sound of this car…

Exterior – story time! X3

Well, I’ll start with three stories which are mostly because how the car looks like and how it sounds like. The first one: I was driving one of my colleagues to a photo shoot, and I saw three Fiat 500 which are a bit sportier than usual (those were generation before this one, probably one of those two was a bit weaker version of the Abarth I was driving). At one moment I was in the middle, and while I was going beneath a bridge, I pressed Sport and pushed the gas pedal so the sound was CRAZY! After we went in different ways, guys from the third car were waving at me and they were showing that they were liking my 595.

The second story: I was standing at the traffic light when in the opposite way the man was sitting in his Fiat 500X. He just waved, showed my car and said something like „nice one“. The third story was similar: I was standing at the traffic light, and a guy was walking next to me and he turned to me and gave me a thumbs up.

I drove much more expensive cars which looked way better, but neither of those cars brought that much attention to me as the Abarth 595 Competizione.

While you’re looking at these images, go to You tube, write something like „Abarth 595 Competizione exhaust“, and watch the following images with the proper background noise.

Don’t forget the exterior details…

And, the best part

Since this was my last car for the AutoIQ Magazine, my colleague and I wanted to do something special, so late in the evening, we took the car and we went on a closed road in our neighbourhood. Fortunately, there were some sort of construction works there so they had to close the road – it was a great luck for us!

Since it was an interesting scene, I decided to make a couple of more images of the car itself.

After I finished with that, we did the most important thing which we came for in the first place – we made a couple of photos of us with the car, and as always, we couldn’t keep it serious.

Let’s make it serious
Let’s make it serious part 2
Spontaneous talk
What’s under the hood
Don’t know s*it
Is it ready?
It was a nice ride
That’s it..

That’s it

This is the final car I’ve photographed for the AutoIQ Magazine, but not the last one I’m going to publish here. I have a couple of more „in the stock“, so there’ll be more car images published here. Also, keep in mind that I’m going to prepare a huge post about my 4,5 years in the AutoIQ magazine.

It was time to leave it forever

And, on that bombshell…