In March 2016, I went to Osijek (Slavonia) to visit my family, and as always, I had my equipment with me so I wanted to make the best of it. I made a list of three castles, which sounded like they could be interesting for photographing, and I went for it.

The Esterhazy castle in Darda

Why I’m writing this post? Well, since I launched the website called Lice Grada in August 2016, I’ve been constantly putting this website aside. I hate myself for doing it, but Lice Grada exceeded my expectations and I’m working every single day on it. I really don’t have time for anything else! Meetings, e-mails, researching for new topics, social networks, photographing, writing, organizing everything, taking care of the website, etc… on February 17th 2017

Right after I wake up, around 6am, I take out my laptop and I publish a post I’ve scheduled for that day. Soon after that, I publish on Facebook,¬†Instagram and Twitter. During the day, I publish two more posts (sometimes in the afternoon and during the evening) on those social networks, and I also publish on my private Instagram and Twitter account also (photos from this website) two or three times a day, and on Facebook page of the as well.

Lice Grada Instagram account

During the day, I explore new topics I want to write about, do a research on those topics I’m interested in, I go on photo shoots, check the website a couple of times per day, answer e-mails, and in the evening I prepare posts for the¬†social networks (usually, for two of my Facebook pages, I prepare everything one week before).

Something from the post I published yesterday on

Again, why I’m writing about this on a Friday night instead of going to sleep? I’m sad I didn’t do anything special for this website for months! I don’t want to shut down this website, it’s my small space in the Internet, and I want to keep it that way. I just hope that, one day, I’ll have more time to make something specifically for this page.

Don’t get me wrong, I love working on the Lice Grada, that’s my passion, but still… I miss this website.