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How to fill up your INSTAGRAM account with photos of Zagreb

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You have an Instagram account and don’t know how to fill it with cool photos of Zagreb? Here are a couple of examples what you can capture if you take just a short walk around the center of Zagreb.

Zagreb cathedral

The main square in Zagreb – banus Josip Jelacic

We all love art, and there are many murals like this one around the city in Zagreb. This one is located in the Upper town

Beautiful panorama from the Strossmayer promenade

Another beautiful panorama from the Strossmayer promenade

Antun Gustav Matos – one of the most known writer in Croatia, he is permanently resting on the Strossmayer promenade in the Upper town. He’s waiting for you to take a selfie with him

The St. Mark’s church

Amazing tunnel Gric

Always beautiful Radiceva street

The Ilica street – always inspiring for taking photos