If you check out my website more closely, you’ll see that I use the photojournalist approach of making images. I like telling the story with them, so I try not to over-edit my photos. I edit every image I publish, it’s something you HAVE to do because usually our cameras don’t produce the image we usually have in our heads. At least, that’s the case with me. I put a bit of contrast into my images, do a bit of sharpening, and a couple of small tweaks, nothing much.

During the post processing of the Skoda Kodiaq, I had a dilemma: “Should I do it in black and white?”

But sometimes, I have a dilemma. Since I LOVE color, I rarely do black and white images. You can find only a couple of posts (four, to be precise) that contain black and white images mostly. Of those four posts, I am sure that I would do absolutely the same with these two: This was the biggest derby of the Croatian football league, but this is the other side of that match and There are two reasons why you should like this post about the Museum of torture.

From the article “This was the biggest derby of the Croatian football league, but this is the other side of that match”

The first case (from the photo above): These images, published in that post, are one of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken. You can read about the event in the post, so I won’t write about it here, but these images have a strong message and I HAD to put it in black and white. It suits it SO MUCH! Actually, I hang out this particular photo on a wall in my apartment because it’s one of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken.

From the article “There are two reasons why you should like this post about the Museum of torture”

The second case (from the photo above): Quote from that post – “This may be more interesting for you if you’re a photographer. As you can see in these images, it’s pitch dark over there (that’s the reasons why you get a tablet which you use to scan a bar code to get more information about the exhibits), so I had to raise my ISO to 25600 (!!!) to get at least 1/25 or 1/10 shutter speed. (…) I didn’t do much in post process, but I think the images look nice, considering the conditions. Also, I’ve converted them into black and whites because it suits better to the topic of the museum, and (of course) I know that the grain (of the high ISO) looks better in black and white than in color.” I think it says it all.

And the rest of the posts… The first one contains the images of the Volkswagen Tiguan, and the second one photos of the Dacia Duster.

From the article “Yet another car on the ivanklindic.info website, but this time with a bit different post processing”

I really don’t have a strong reason why I’ve converted these images into black and white, it was just one of those moments. In my opinion, the first two cases were meant to be black and white, and the third and the fourth could go either way.

So, why I was inspired to write this post? Because, since the AutoIQ story is over, I stopped photographing cars, but my colleague and a friend got me a half an hour with the new Skoda Kodiaq. I grabbed my camera and the Sigma 24mm f/1.4 ART, and took a couple of photos.

I didn’t have much time, the car was a bit dirty, but I managed to make a couple of solid images. And, the post processing time came. I edited them the usual way, but then I started thinking about the eternal question. “Should I do it BLACK AND WHITE?!”. Why? I don’t know. These images aren’t the ones that were “meant to be black and white”, but I wanted to experiment a bit. After all, I decided to leave the color and publish those without that “experiment”.

Smart decision? There isn’t good or wrong answer. I believe that every photographer needs to take photos and edit them the way they like it because it represents only THEM, and nobody else.

Also, I think I made a good decision leaving the Skoda Kodiaq in COLOR.