Today is celebrated as the City of Zagreb Day, so I’ve decided to share a couple of photos of Zagreb I got in the last couple of months. If you’re a reader that understands Croatian, check the website Lice Grada where you can find many interested articles and photographs of Zagreb.

Always beautiful Radiceva street
Amazing tunnel Gric
The St. Mark’s church
Panorama of Zagreb taken during a sunny day from the tower Lotrscak (Upper town)
Tower Lotrscak
View from the Zagreb 360 – viewpoint Zagreb Eye
The main square in Zagreb

Now let see some of the amazing art you can find around Zagreb.

We all love art, and there are many murals like this one around the city in Zagreb. This one is located in the Upper town
A mural of Penkala…
Technicolor dream: a mural done by Lonac and CHEZ 186

And, for the end, a couple of amazing photos from the Medvednica hill while Zagreb is covered with the fog.

Medvedgrad above the cloud
So beautiful…