This has been an interesting weekend. From the first stage of the 43rd INA Delta Rally on Friday, to the amazing Lion’s Run I’ve photographed yesterday. I know you’re here to watch the gallery, and not to use your precious time on reading… From the Audi R8, Bentley Continental GTC, Mercedes AMG GT-s, a couple of Ferraris, including the 488 GTB and the STUNNING F12 Novitec N-Largo, Aston Martin DBS, Porsches, Lamborghini Hurracan’s Aventador SV, etc… 

Unfortunately, I didn’t have much time, but I captured a couple of really nice cars. Oh, yes, there was also a Bugatti Veyron. Oh yes.

EDIT: I’ve uploaded one more post about the Lion’s Run. I went there the next morning why they were leaving the hotel, so I took a couple of photos. See it in the article Lion’s Run 2017: The next morning, still amazing experience.