After two days of the Lion’s run and the Pink Wing, I stopped publishing here, and that was almost two months ago! Of course, it wasn’t because I was lazy (well, I would say that that is one of the reasons), it’s because all of my free time is spent working for my two other websites – the “flagship” Lice Grada (it celebrated its first birthday on August 1st) and the Why Zagreb? (celebrated its first MONTH also on August 1st). And the third reason is – the House of Cards. Yes, I’m hooked! Fortunately, I’m on the last season!

Detail from the Upper town with the Tower Lotrscak in the background

So, you may assume that I have A LOT of work to keep those two websites going. My two colleagues and I publish around 10 times per week on Lice Grada, and I publish four posts per week on Why Zagreb?. Don’t get me started on working on all those “boring” behind the scenes stuff which include social networks, editorial work, keeping the websites on, meetings, etc…

Also, I missed two very important matches that GNK Dinamo Zagreb played home (that was my guilt, I should’ve gone and photograph those matches), but I’ve just sent a request for the next match that Dinamo will play on August 17th (against Skenderbeu), so I hope nothing will stop me. Hopefully, that will be my next post here.

Panorama from the Vranyczany Plateau

Until then, this post is here for two reasons: the first one is to take a bit of guilt off my shoulders for neglecting “my baby” (yes, I call it like that) and the second is to show a couple of photos I got for the two mentioned websites in the last month or so.

Oh yes! At least, I upload three times a day on my three Instagram accounts! On my personal account, Lice Grada’s account and Why Zagreb?’s account, and on Twitter (also three accounts). That’s cool.

So, as I said, hopefully the next post will be here on August 17th or 18h.


Zagreb’s funicular
Zagreb’s funicular
Zagreb’s funicular
Julien de Casabianca’s artwork on the farmers market Dolac
Everything for a good shot!
Statue of Veceslav Holjevac, former Zagreb’s mayor
Zagreb’s funicular on a sunny day
Radiceva street
Farmers market Dolac
Farmers market Dolac on a day off
Draskoviceva/Vlaska street on an early Sunday morning
Radiceva street