As I mentioned in the last post, I haven’t published here for a while, but yesterday I was on the Europa League play-off match between GNK Dinamo Zagreb and Skenderbeu, so I have to publish a couple of photos of that! After all, I went there only because of this website.

Dinamo and Skenderbeu played in 2015 within the Champions League qualifications, after which Dinamo qualified for the group stage (first match: 1-2 for Dinamo, and the second match 4-1, also for Dinamo). But, yesterday, it was something else. I was there only for a first halftime, but I didn’t miss much. Dinamo doesn’t have “the game” for the last couple of months, and they were punished by Skenderbeu.

I’m sure that Dinamo will win and go to the Europa League in the second leg, but they have to step it up.

Skenderbeu had the lead from the 37th minute to the 94th, when Dinamo barely scored (Henriquez). Since the match wasn’t anything special, I don’t have many photos, but I managed to gather enough for this post…