Every year I take my vacation a bit later in the summer, somewhere in the end of August or in the start of September. I haven’t been on a proper “summer vacation” for ages, usually I stay in Zagreb and work my ass off. This year, I decided to travel somewhere. Not on the Adriatic sea where I could lay down on a beach and enjoy the sun, but to – Sweden!

I have a family in Gothenburg (southern Sweden), so I booked the flight and went there. In the following weeks, I’ll make a couple of posts on that topic, but this is going to be dedicated to a special something – Volvo.

Since I came here, I’ve been seeing Volvo S/V90 and XC90 everywhere! Ok, this is Sweden, so it isn’t anything unusual, but these cars are BEAUTIFUL, so I decided to make a small gallery of those cars I’ve photographed on my second day here.