Since I came to Gothenburg, I’ve been hearing about the Lilla Bommen building, called – The Lipstick (Swedish: Lappstiftet). The nickname makes the sense when you see it! It is also known as a Skanskaskrapan (The Skansa Skyscraper), Vattenstanded (a double entendre: The Water Level and The Water Erection) and Legohuset (The Lego House).

It is an 86 meter high post-modern high-rise building with 22 floors, located in the Lilla Bommen district of central Gothenburg.

It was designed by Ralph Erskine in cooperation with White Architects and built by Skanska in the late 1980s. It was completed in 1989.

The top floor has a viewpoint from where you can have a good view of the city.

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