If you have visited my website in the last 2-3 weeks, you may have seen that I have been on a vacation in Gothenburg, Sweden. During my trip, I tried to experience the city as much as I can, even during a bad weather. Side note: the weather was amazing for most of my visit. Temperatures were somewhere around 12-15 Celsius degrees and there were 5-6 totally sunny days, which is crazy!

View from the The Liseberg Wheel

While I was there, I used to take the public transport to go to the center of the city and from there I would start exploring it. I had some great guidelines, but a good amount of locations and informations I found while walking around the city.

Gothenburg’s tram

In this post, I want to share what have I learned about Gothenburg. I’ll write a couple of short notes, without any specific order. So, let’s start!

Gothenburg has nearly 600.000 citizens on the area size 450 square kilometers (the second largest in Sweden), and Zagreb (where I live) has almost 800.000 citizens on 641 square kilometers. But, the number of citizens in Gothenburg is rising every year, so I saw many construction sites all over the city. It is predicted that the number of citizens will reach 1.000.000 in the following years.

One of many constructions sites seen from the Lipstick skyscraper

The city sits on the Gota alv river, or Gothia River. It divides the city on the northern and southern part. The north part of the city is located on the island Hisingen. The river’s mouth is good for the harbour which is one of the biggest in the Nordic countries.

Gota alv river

Talking about the citizens, the Swedish policy for immigrants is very welcoming, so many people decided to go to Sweden during the last immigration crisis. By the number from 2014, there are mostly people from Iraq, Iran and Somalia, but I think that the numbers have changed since the immigration crisis was at its worst one year later.

One of the most known monuments of Gothenburg is on the river Gota alv – it’s the Alvsborg Bridge. It is a suspension bridge, built in 1966, which connects the north and the south part of the city.

Since I started talking about monuments, I’ll continue with that…

Almost every panoramic image of Gothenburg has – The Lipstick, or the Lappstiftet or even Lilla Bommen building. It is an 86 meter high skyscraper located in the Lilla Bommen district. Why people call it „the lipstick“? Well, just look at the image.

Also, check out the post I’ve published about that building, I went to the viewpoint and got some cool panoramic shots of Gothenburg.

Panorama from the Lipstick syscraper

If you are visiting Gothenburg, one of the „must see“ places is Liseberg. It is an amusement park, one of the largest and most visited in the Scandinavia, opened back in 1923. It offers many interesting things, and I decided to try the famous Liseberg Wheel, and you can read more about it in the post I made about this park. Also, I was too scared to try the free fall!

The Liseberg Wheel

Just next to the Liseberg amusement park, there’s a Universeum – a place where you can explore some of the largest aquariums in Europe, exciting exhibitions and whole indoor rainforest – right in the middle of Gothenburg. It’s something like a science center – adventure stretching over seven floors with animals, experiments and challenges.


While walking around the streets of Gothenburg, you can’t miss the chance to enjoy the view of one of the bridges that go over the Gothenberg’s canal. I had a chance to try the Paddan sightseeing boat that drives you around the canal. It was a really interesting experience and I would recommend it to everyone who comes to the city.

If you’re driving on the canal, you’ll pass by the Feskekorka, which is the famous fish market in Gothenburg. Since it looks like a church, you can’t miss it! It was built in 1874 as an architectural experiment by Victor von Gegerfelt, who was inspired by the wooden Norwegian stave churches and stone Gothic churches, that’s the reason why this building reminds everyone on a church. The idea was to have a room without pillars.


Talking about the old fish market, I would also mention the oldest building in Gothenburg. It is called Kronuset and it was built back in 1642-1654 in Dutch style. It was used as a shelter for guns, ammunition, uniforms and food. After it was restored, it became a museum, and today it’s also used as a concert hall.


One of the places I’ve stumbled on by browsing the internet was the Haga district. It is known for its picturesque wooden houses and cafes serving the well-known Haga bulle – a large cinnamon roll similar to kanelbulle – which is one of the most delicious things I’ve ever tried.

District of Haga

This is something I wouldn’t dream of seeing in Gothenburg, only because I didn’t even know it existed! I had a chance to visit Aeroseum and Maritiman. What is it, you ask? Well, Aeroseum is is a subterranean aviation discovery center located in a top-secret defence facility from the Cold war, and Maritiman is an armada of ships and vessels moored at the quay Packhuskajen. It is the floating maritime adventure center Maritiman. Before you start „Googleing“ it, check out the posts I’ve published about those two cool places.


During my long walks around the city (I walked 15-20 and more kilometers per day), my place for a pause was the shopping center Nordstan in the center of the city, where I would enjoy a drink from the Espresso House or a delicious Swedish cinnamon bun, or the Kanelbullar. Damn, those are really good!

That delicious cinnamon bun (photo taken with my Samsung S7 and edited in Snapseed)

One of the first thing that hit me as soon as I landed in Gothenburg was the fact that huge amount of Volvo’s S/V90’s and Tesla’s are being used as taxis. Ok, I understand that they use Volvo as a taxi, but Tesla! I think I found my dream job. Also, as you may have seen in one of my posts from there, I went by a Tesla dealership, which is right in the center of the city. Besides a bunch of Model Ss, I saw many Model Xs, which are looking amazing in person!

Volvo V90 taxi
Tesla dealership
Tesla Model X
Tesla as a taxi

Talking about the cars, one of the lastthings I did in Gothenburg was visiting the Volvo museum. You can’t visit Gothenburg and miss seeing this amazing place!

Volvo museum

While I was walking around the city in the last couple of days, I was thinking would I live here. I don’t know the answer to that question. I think the biggest issue would be the weather because it is London-like, but I think I would learn to deal with it if I would have a nice job because as far as I heard and experienced, Sweden is an amazing country and if you’re willing to work hard, you’ll succeed.

Until next time…

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