It’s been a while since I started working only with my prime lenses (don’t get me wrong, I love my 17-40mm and 70-200mm, but… read more about it in the article My prime lenses story: It started with a failure at the worst possible moment). At the end of January, I visited six museums within the event called Museum night, and I decided, once again, to take only my 24mm f/1.4, 50mm f/1.4 and 85mm f/1.8, and it was a great success!

Archaeological museum

Now, those three lenses are like my „must have“ lenses whenever I’m out shooting. Ok, if KNOW I’ll need more width, or more reach, I’ll take my two lenses, which are currently on a vacation. For example, I knew that I have to have my zoom lenses on the last football match of the season between GNK Dinamo and HNK Rijeka, so I took only those.

GNK Dinamo – HNK Rijeka

I used to feel more vulnerable with using only prime lenses, but today I’m more courageous. When I was photographing museums, I mostly used the 24mm because of tight spaces, and I knew that I can’t go home with only wide images. So, I would just put the 50mm or the 85mm and I was in a situation to search for great photos. My brain was switched to another „gear“, and I saw that there were amazing frames in front of me. Some of my favorite photos from that night were taken with the 50mm and the 85mm.

HAZU – Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts

What is the reason for writing this post? I don’t have an exact answer, I just wanted to share my happiness with the decision to challenge my elf to use my prime lenses more. Or, all the time! Still, it’s good to know that my 17-40mm and the 70-200mm are prepared for the action whenever I need them.