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Guess what? Here’s another update! Let’s get some work done

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It seems that I’m publishing only update posts here, so why not make another one? One of the newest updates is that I’m no longer working on zagreb.info, where I went in October 2017. But, it isn’t worth spending more seconds writing about it, so I’ll rather continue with my “baby” – Lice Grada.

The last hours of 2017 I spent working on a new design. I decided to change a philosophy of that website (licegrada.hr) and I converted it from a blog to a proper media website. The theme is still the same, but I decided that I’m going to start publishing more interesting/fun fact/history posts. Since the middle of November 2017, I have started publishing three posts per day (with that, licegrada.hr started getting 100% more clicks per day!), and on the first Monday in February 2018 I’m planning to raise that number even more.

Also, I have a couple of people interested in writing for Lice Grada, so maybe there will be more of us creating content for that website. That’s exciting!

There are many more interesting things that are happening, but I can’t share it for now. I’m trying to gather a couple of interesting photos I took in the last month or two, so I hope I’ll do it very soon.

Until then, I’ll write more of these “update posts” when something interesting happens!

Oh yes, something for the end…