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BEAUTIFUL mural inspired by one of the most known novellas

I already said that I like murals around the city, and I’ve published a couple of those of on this website, as well on the website Lice Grada. The latest is this one, photographed in the underpass in the neighbourhood called Dubrava. It’s the mural of The little Price (originally Le Petit Prince). It is

Another amazing mural decorates the streets of Zagreb

There are a couple of amazing murals on the streets of Zagreb, and this is one of the latest. This mural was made by two street artists, Boris Bare and Dominik Vukovic. Inspired by the story about Guliver, they made their own version of “the sleeper in the Opatovina”.

Lenuzzi’s horseshoe, Talisman Initiale, a cool mural…

I’ve planned to do a story about Lenuzzi’s horseshoe in Zagreb (a historic green part of the center of Zagreb) for a long time, but I never took my camera and went for it. And now, since I’m running a website about Zagreb which has many visits and interactions, I had to do it since it

Powerful mural made by Etien on the French Institute in Zagreb

After making a huge mural in the upper city, the french artist Etien made another really interesting and powerful graffiti in the center of Zagreb. This graffiti sends a strong message about preserving the planet Earth, and what will happen if people continue destroying it. The graffiti is made on the wall of the French Institute in

Two murals in the center of Zagreb within the Rendez-vous festival

Within the manifestation Rendez-vous, festival of France in Croatia, Zagreb got two interesting murals in the center of the city. The first one was painted by young artists and the mural shows two big shells, and it’s located on the building on Djordjiceva street, next to the Petrinjska.