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One of the COOLEST events of the year started – the Guard shift

Guard shift is a pretty cool event especially now when a tourist season is starting. It’s a new project of the Zagreb Tourist Board in collaboration with the institution Academica Cravatica who jointly created a new tourism program – changing of the guard company Honorary Kravat regiment.

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Festival of light in Zagreb: Waiting for the spring to come

From March 16th to 19th (yesterday), Zagreb was the host of the Festival of light for the first time. After the Advent in Zagreb which changed the face of the city for a short period of time, it’s that time of the year when the city is preparing for the weather change. The topic of the Festival of light was Spring.

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Museum night 2017: My favorite images from the tour around museums

On January 27th, I visited six museums within the event called Night of museums. There were 230 museums, galleries, etc. around Croatia, which joined this cool manifestation, but I had time for only five or six, and I went for six. My choices were: Memorial apartment of Marija Juric Zagorka (very known writer and journalist from Zagreb), Archaeological Museum, HAZU (Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts), HT museum with the exhibition Mobile revolution 1991-2016, Technical Museum Nikola Tesla and the Confucius Institute at the University of Zagreb with the exhibition about the Chinese rock’n’roll and alternative music.

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