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A short announcement of what I’m currently working on

As I mentioned in the post with the Abarth 595 Competizione, the era considering the AutoIQ magazine is over, so I’m currently preparing a huge post with all cars I’ve photographed in the four and a half years I’ve collaborated with that media. This is a short preview of what I’m going to publish. Since it’s going to be a bigger post, I need a bit of time for that… I’ll try to publish it as soon as possible.

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Friday night thoughts: What I miss the most about the website

In March 2016, I went to Osijek (Slavonia) to visit my family, and as always, I had my equipment with me so I wanted to make the best of it. I made a list of three castles, which sounded like they could be interesting for photographing, and I went for it.

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It’s been 161 days since I launched, and now it counts 200 posts!

In February 2016, I started publishing photos on the Facebook page Lice grada after I’ve been neglecting it for more than a year. It all started in 2013, but I got saturated with it, as I wrote already. After working on it a couple of months, in July 2016 I decided to make a website dedicated to the photos of Zagreb (blogs, photo stories, etc… everything that is related to Zagreb, but told through the images mostly).

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The best of 2016: Here are my favorite photos I took in the last 366 days

2016 has been a really interesting for me: for my personal life and for my career, but this time I’ll talk only about the career and about the photos. One of the biggest things was launchingĀ a website called Lice grada. I already wrote about it when I launched it, but to make the story short – it’s a website about Zagreb (written only in Croatian – for now) and it’s based on photographs. I had a six month plan for it, but in only a couple of weeks it DESTROYED my plans, it went over my craziest expectations and I got a media partner for it, broke the numbers with Facebook and Instagram followers and the visits on the websites were (and still are) crazy! But, enough about the LG, let’s talk about the images…

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