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I wish mornings be like: „I’m just going for a drive with the Juke Nismo RS“

Ok, I know that I’ve already announced that the AutoIQ Magazine is finished and there won’t be any more interesting cars for me to test, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have a couple of cars “saved” and prepared to be published. One of those cars is the Nissan Juke Nismo RS, which I’ve photographed in November 2015. Yup, more than a year ago!

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Mercedes GLC Coupe: I spent a day with a beautiful looking SUV from Mercedes

It was one of those days: I had a chance to end my daily job at 3pm on Friday, and I had a car on a test. I like when those two things align. Also, as you can see it wasn’t some boring city car like the… ok, without mentioning “boring city cars”, it was the all new Mercedes Benz GLC Coupe! Since I joined the AutoIQ Magazine in June 2012, I had quite a few cars from Mercedes: the A Class, two GLE’s, C Class Coupe, CLA Shooting Brake… All these cars weren’t bad at all, and I’ve been enjoying driving every single of it.

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Renault Megane and some free time: it’s been a while since I did this

It’s been a while since I took a short road trip with one of the test cars I get for a few days. The last one was the new Renault Megane. Unfortunately, once again, I only had a few hours to spare, so I went on a known route. It’s similar to the one I went for a year ago with a Renault Clio GT.

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I had to take the Mazda 3 Sport G120 Takumi for a short drive outside the city

It’s been a while since I did a proper Drive post, so I decided to use an hour of my free time to drive the Mazda 3 Sport G120 Takumi I had on a test. Unfortunately, as I mentioned, I had only an hour to go somewhere, so I went to a known place.

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