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The 350th anniversary of Royal Cravates Elite Cavarly Regiment

I’ve already photographed the Guard shift a couple of times ago, and the last time in April this year. But, this Guard shift was called THE BIG Guard shift because they were celebrating the 350th anniversary of the first time the cravat was mentioned. Guard shift is a pretty cool event, especially now when a tourist season is starting. It’s a new project of the Zagreb Tourist Board in collaboration with the institution Academica Cravatica who jointly created a new tourism program – changing of the guard company Honorary Kravat regiment.

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Wings for Life 2017: Challenge for the runner and for the storyteller

I started running on the Christmas eve back in 2015, and I fell in love with it very fast. Since then, I’ve attended only one race, and it was the Zagreb half marathon (in 2016; also, it’s worth mentioning that I’m already signed up for the Zagreb half marathon 2017 in October). I haven’t planned on going to Zadar to run the Wings for Life 2017 only because it was a bit far from Zagreb, and I didn’t know how to pull that off.

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The statue of „Kumica Barica“ greets everyone who comes to the Dolac market

Dolac is the oldest and the most known market in Zagreb, and its also known as a place where old ladies (Croats call them “kumice”) sell their homegrown products. Because of that, an artist Stjepan Gracan made a sculpture in 2006. in honor of those old ladies who come there during high or low temperatures, rain or shine – nothing can stop them from coming to their “work station”. The statue is called “Kumica Barica”.

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