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I made a list of the COOLEST reflections in Zagreb

Ok, there might be better ones, but I decided to publish this ones… One of the latest blogs I made for the Lice Grada was the one about the reflections on the buildings. I choose a couple of interesting buildings, but one was the king of all the reflections I caught with my camera – it was the Hotel Sheraton!

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How workers secure their equipment when they aren’t there?

Last Sunday I accidentally saw on the internet an interesting photo showing a crane lifting up a some sort of a construction machine, and it was when the workers weren’t there. The reason for that was that the workers wanted to secure their equipment from somebody stealing it, and I thought it looked funny. So, since it was 10 minutes away from my apartment, I grabbed my equipment and went there to take a couple of photos of it.

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The results of the 3 hour walk on -14 degrees… But, the job was done!

My weekly schedule, mostly, is like this: I do planning and researching from Monday to Friday, and on weekends I go out and shoot. In the last couple of months, my topics are mostly meant for the Lice grada, but I try to make content for this website also. Last weekend, I went out on Saturday and Sundar (both in the morning), but I got better photos on Saturday (unlike the weekend before where I was super satisfied with the “catch”) so here are a couple of photos I got during my walk on -14 degrees!

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I went for a walk last Sunday morning to make a couple of topics for the LG

Last Sunday I used the fact it was a beautiful day, so I woke up early and went to the city. I wanted to make a couple of topics for Lice grada, so I roamed a bit. I’ve uploaded a couple of photos I got during my Sunday morning walk.

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