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There is a part of the historic BERLIN WALL in Zagreb

Did you know that Zagreb has the part of the Berlin wall next to the German embassy? Well, the entrepreneur Axel Brauer brought the part of the wall in November 2009 on the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall. The Berlin wall divided Berlin and Germany on east and west since the 1961.

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One of the COOLEST events of the year started – the Guard shift

Guard shift is a pretty cool event especially now when a tourist season is starting. It’s a new project of the Zagreb Tourist Board in collaboration with the institution Academica Cravatica who jointly created a new tourism program – changing of the guard company Honorary Kravat regiment.

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BEAUTIFUL mural inspired by one of the most known novellas

I already said that I like murals around the city, and I’ve published a couple of those of on this website, as well on the website Lice Grada. The latest is this one, photographed in the underpass in the neighbourhood called Dubrava. It’s the mural of The little Price (originally Le Petit Prince). It is the most known novella of the author Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

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I made a list of the COOLEST reflections in Zagreb

Ok, there might be better ones, but I decided to publish this ones… One of the latest blogs I made for the Lice Grada was the one about the reflections on the buildings. I choose a couple of interesting buildings, but one was the king of all the reflections I caught with my camera – it was the Hotel Sheraton!

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