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There is a part of the historic BERLIN WALL in Zagreb

Did you know that Zagreb has the part of the Berlin wall next to the German embassy? Well, the entrepreneur Axel Brauer brought the part of the wall in November 2009 on the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall. The Berlin wall divided Berlin and Germany on east and west since the 1961.

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The eternal question: Shout I use the COLOR or make it BW?

If you check out my website more closely, you’ll see that I use the photojournalist approach of making images. I like telling the story with them, so I try not to over-edit my photos. I edit every image I publish, it’s something you HAVE to do because usually our cameras don’t produce the image we usually have in our heads. At least, that’s the case with me. I put a bit of contrast into my images, do a bit of sharpening, and a couple of small tweaks, nothing much.

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One of the COOLEST events of the year started – the Guard shift

Guard shift is a pretty cool event especially now when a tourist season is starting. It’s a new project of the Zagreb Tourist Board in collaboration with the institution Academica Cravatica who jointly created a new tourism program – changing of the guard company Honorary Kravat regiment.

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GNK Dinamo – HNK Hajduk: The match that changed everything

After nine long years, HNK Hajduk Split has beaten GNK Dinamo Zagreb on their own stadium, and if that wasn’t enough, that victory helped Rijeka (who is currently first in the championship) to have one hand on the championship title. Hajduk won my two goals (0:2), but I didn’t get a feeling that they were that much better than Dinamo.

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