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Festival of light in Zagreb: Waiting for the spring to come

From March 16th to 19th (yesterday), Zagreb was the host of the Festival of light for the first time. After the Advent in Zagreb which changed the face of the city for a short period of time, it’s that time of the year when the city is preparing for the weather change. The topic of the Festival of light was Spring.

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When the Fiat 500 meets his much meaner twin brother: I choose the brother

In February 2016 I met a new Fiat 500, and even I thought that I wouldn’t like that car – I did! For example, the bigger versions, 500L and 500L Trekking, are not good at all and I was really disappointed when I had them on a test. The small 500 is a nice looking car, nice to drive, has enough space for that kind of a car – it’s a really nice small city car. But then, in December of that same year, I met its brother. Much, much meaner twin brother who made me smile so much – Abarth 595 Competizione!

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I left my DSLR at home and decided to take photos with my S7

Last weekend, on Saturday, my friends and I decided to go to the Queen’s Well, which is well known among┬áthe people who live in Zagreb as a popular place on the Medvednica hill. It takes about an hour (we walked around 45 minutes) of walking after you park your car. Since I usually don’t take my camera with me on this field trips, and since I wanted to make a couple of photos while I was there, I remembered the last post I did with my smartphone, so I decided to use my Samsung S7 as my main camera.

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Leftovers from the road trip post with the Mazda 3 Sport G120

In August 2016 I had this Mazda 3 Sport G120 Takumi on a test, and after a long time, I went out for a short drive ready to make some interesting shots. Ok, you can’t do anything spectacular in one hour when you’re racing with the sunset, but still, it felt good to go on one of those rides I used to take more often.

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