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This fully equipped Hyundai Tucson is on the cover of the latest issue of AutoIQ Magazine

Hyundai Tucson is one of the best looking cars I’ve driven this year. Yes, I know, only two months have passed, but I’ve driven a nice number of cars in that period, and this Tucson is really in the top three.

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The DS4 Crossback had a potential to look awesome, but I think it failed miserably

Last weekend, I photographed the new DS4 Crossback. I won’t go into details, but I didn’t like the look of that car at all! From the side and from the back it looks really nice, but its face is… ugly! Those black details in the front are destroying the look of the car. I have a couple of more comments for that car, but I’ll write it in the full article, which I’ll publish in the following weeks.

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This Corsa has a different personality than the usual ones we see on the streets

The whole time I was photographing this Opel Corsa, I kept thinking that this is a some sort of a “bad boy” version of the Corsa, that’s the reason why I’ve edited it this way. That’s all for now, I’ll upload more photos in the following weeks and explain why I saw a “bad boy” in this Corsa.

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I knew that it would be a sin if I had photographed Subaru Forester in the city

Immediately when I got the keys of the Subaru Forester, I decided that I need to take it somewhere outside the city. So I did. I can’t wait to share the entire story and many interesting photos of that car. In the following weeks I’ll upload an entire article about this car, until then, read more about this car in the latest issue of AutoIQ magazine.

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