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I went to the center of the city and captured a couple of regular street shots

Yesterday (Sunday) morning, before I went to the office, I decided to photograph the statue of the professor Balthazar (I’ll publish a post about it tomorrow), so I captured a couple of street shots. Here are the images of almost entirely empty Ilica street (located in the center of the city).

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I’ve photographed three Mazda CX-3’s in the last year, and I love that car!

In the 2015, I had three Mazda CX-3’s on a test. I had to photograph those for the AutoIQ Magazine, I wanted to write a short review about how was it to photograph them. The CX-3 model looks great, but these ones were different colors and equipment level, so it was different every time.

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I’ve photographed this Honda CR-V in June 2015, and I think that’s a great car

I’ve driven a couple of Honda’s, including theĀ great looking blue Civic, and I liked every one of them. Now, it was the time to see how Honda makes SUV’s. I wasn’t surprised, it looks great, it drives well, everything was as expected! I drove it in June last year, and now you can read more about it in the 60th issue of AutoIQ Magazine.

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The bright red Opel Astra made this day a bit less depressive. I like this color

I woke up and the view outside wasn’t the way I wanted it to be. It was cloudy, rainy, really depressive! So, what did I do? I took the bright red Opel Astra and photographed it for the AutoIQ Magazine! Read more about this car in one of the following issues of AutoIQ magazine, and in the following weeks/months, I’ll upload more photos to my website.

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