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Panorama of Zagreb under the beautiful sky. Do I need to say anything more? I will be making these images again very soon

Medvednica is the only part of Zagreb which is seen from every part of the city. The highest peek is at 1033 meters and it’s called Sljeme. This is an amazing place which attracts many citizens and tourists. But, here you won’t see much of it except of a couple of trees. These images were taken on two viewpoints from where you can see Zagreb. As you can see, these images were taken by night and you can see almost the entire city. Besides the city, we took advantage of the clean air and sky and photographed stars above us.

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This is just the start of the story about the Solar System in Zagreb which I’m going to publish here very soon

Have you ever heard of the Solar system in Zagreb? Well, in the following weeks we are going to write, and tell you all about it. Let me introduce what is it all about. This is called Nine views and it is an art installation which started with the Sun in the Bogoviceva street in Zagreb. The artist Ivan Kozaric made that Sun which was set there in 1994, and the artist Davor Preis decided to make the entire Solar system. That was in 2004 and it was called Nine views.

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