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BEAUTIFUL mural inspired by one of the most known novellas

I already said that I like murals around the city, and I’ve published a couple of those of on this website, as well on the website Lice Grada. The latest is this one, photographed in the underpass in the neighbourhood called Dubrava. It’s the mural of The little Price (originally Le Petit Prince). It is the most known novella of the author Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

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How workers secure their equipment when they aren’t there?

Last Sunday I accidentally saw on the internet an interesting photo showing a crane lifting up a some sort of a construction machine, and it was when the workers weren’t there. The reason for that was that the workers wanted to secure their equipment from somebody stealing it, and I thought it looked funny. So, since it was 10 minutes away from my apartment, I grabbed my equipment and went there to take a couple of photos of it.

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In many situations, underpasses create a mysterious atmosphere like this one did

There are many underpasses in Zagreb, and a couple of months ago, I captured a couple of interesting photos in one of the underpasses in the New Zagreb (Novi Zagreb). While I was entering this one, I hoped that I’m going to get a couple of mysterious shots of it, but there weren’t¬†enough people to create the atmosphere and I only could get these two shots.

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A part of the famous graffiti wall on the Branimirova street now belongs to the history… I wonder how long will the rest of it survive?

The graffiti wall on the Branimirova street, which is 153 meters long, three meters high, and wide 40 centimeters, is part of the past. In May this year, the company Croatian Railways (which is located just behind the wall) decided to knock down a part of the wall.

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