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All cars from the AutoIQ magazine era are in this post

In the post about the Abarth 595 Competizione I wrote that that was the last car I’ve photographed for the AutoIQ Magazine. It have been weeks since I decided that I’m going to gather ALL the cars I’ve photographed, but I am just to lazy to sit down and do it. I had the images prepared (resized and filled with the file info) for weeks, and now I’m finally making the post!

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When I took over this Citroen C4, I was surprised with the gearbox it had, but after all…

Have you checked the 59th issue of AutoIQ magazine? No, click the link and do it! Besides other interesting car reviews, news, etc… you can also find the review of this Citroen C4 I’ve photographed in June last year. I have to mention that this was the first (I think so) city car with the automatic gearbox I’ve ever driven. I wasn’t so happy with that, but it completely spoiled me as every other car with automatic gearbox.

It isn’t sports car, so I didn’t miss the manual gearbox so much, and the automatic did the job pretty good.

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Just a boring redesign of the Citroen C5, but I liked the 180 bhp and the automatic gearbox!

A couple of days ago I had this white Citroen C5 on a test, which you’ll be able to read more about in one of the following issues of AutoIQ Magazine. Since it was powerfull car with around 180 bhp and an automatic gearbox, I liked it! Also, it’s really comfortable…

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The DS4 Crossback had a potential to look awesome, but I think it failed miserably

Last weekend, I photographed the new DS4 Crossback. I won’t go into details, but I didn’t like the look of that car at all! From the side and from the back it looks really nice, but its face is… ugly! Those black details in the front are destroying the look of the car. I have a couple of more comments for that car, but I’ll write it in the full article, which I’ll publish in the following weeks.

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