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A quick update on what’s going on + photos of Zagreb

After two days of the Lion’s run and the Pink Wing, I stopped publishing here, and that was almost two months ago! Of course, it wasn’t because I was lazy (well, I would say that that is one of the reasons), it’s because all of my free time is spent working for my two other

I went on a tour around the Advent in Zagreb as soon as it started

I’ve already published a post about the opening of the Advent in Zagreb, and this is a photo walk a couple of days after. Note: if you understand Croatian, feel free to check out more stories about Advent in Zagreb (and other stuff about the city) on Lice Grada.

The sunny side of the longest street in Zagreb

I was working on a photo story for the Lice grada, so I went up to the Zagreb 360° – viewpoint Zagreb Eye from where I made a couple of photos. That photo story will be published at the beginning of the next week, and here is one of the photos I took from up

I decided to spend my Sunday photographing the final kilometers of the Tour of Croatia

Today, I had two great events scheduled, the first one was the rally on the Medvednica hill (the north side) – Rally Stubicke toplice, and the second one was the Adria Drift Series 2016 (I recommend you check out the images from the last year). So, even the weather forecast wasn’t so good, it was