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Monday morning for the Renault Talisman Grandtour Initiale

This is the fifth or the sixth Renault I’ve driven in the past two or three months, and this is the far most beautiful one! I had some spare time yesterday morning (Monday), so I drove up to the Medvednica. This is only a announcement post, you’ll get the rest in the following weeks!

Lenuzzi’s horseshoe, Talisman Initiale, a cool mural…

I’ve planned to do a story about Lenuzzi’s horseshoe in Zagreb (a historic green part of the center of Zagreb) for a long time, but I never took my camera and went for it. And now, since I’m running a website aboutĀ Zagreb which has many visits and interactions, I had to do it since it

Renault Espace Initiale Paris: a huge tech fest!

In November 2015, I had a chance to drive and photograph the most expensive Renault I’ve ever seen! Its full name is Renault Espace Initiale Paris, and even the name sounds exclusive and very expensive. I remember then, when I saw it on a road for the first time, it looked like an overpriced concept