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All cars from the AutoIQ magazine era are in this post

In the post about the Abarth 595 Competizione I wrote that that was the last car I’ve photographed for the AutoIQ Magazine. It have been weeks since I decided that I’m going to gather ALL the cars I’ve photographed, but I am just to lazy to sit down and do it. I had the images prepared (resized and filled with the file info) for weeks, and now I’m finally making the post!

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There aren’t words to describe the look of the great looking Lexus NX 300h

This is the second time I had a Lexus NX 300h on a test, and it was like I drove it for the first time. I can’t express how much I like the look of that car. AutoIQ Magazine gave it an award for the best design in 2015!

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Soon I’ll upload two posts about two cars with the same boring color

As I promised in one of the latest posts, I’m getting this website back in business! In the following days, I’ll upload two posts: you’ve already seen Lexus NX 300h and Mazda 6 on this website, but these images are yet unpublished!

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Lexus NX 300h is a car with no worthy competition in design, it just looks so good

Since we (AutoIQ Magazine) selected Lexus NX 300h as the car with the best design in 2015 (in selection of over 50 cars we’ve tested), I decided to make a special post about it. We got it again on a test, so I wanted to make clear why we think that this car has the best design of all the cars we drove in 2015.

If you Google “Lexus NX concept”, you’ll find a couple of variations of that car, before it hit production. Since we all know that production cars are nothing like their concept ideas, we need to respect every one of thoseĀ (and there aren’t many) which isn’t that much different from its concept. One of those cars is Lexus NX 300h, which I had on a test for a second time.

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