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Mercedes GLE with more than 50.000 euros worth equipment

My first encounter with the Mercedes GLE was in October 2015, and I would say that I was impressed with the car itself. Since it is a successor of the, we could say a legendary, ML Class, it was a big deal for me! I can’t remember the price, but you would guess correct if you say that it was damn expensive. Too expensive? Well, probably not since it offers so much!

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All cars from the AutoIQ magazine era are in this post

In the post about the Abarth 595 Competizione I wrote that that was the last car I’ve photographed for the AutoIQ Magazine. It have been weeks since I decided that I’m going to gather ALL the cars I’ve photographed, but I am just to lazy to sit down and do it. I had the images prepared (resized and filled with the file info) for weeks, and now I’m finally making the post!

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Mercedes GLC Coupe: I spent a day with a beautiful looking SUV from Mercedes

It was one of those days: I had a chance to end my daily job at 3pm on Friday, and I had a car on a test. I like when those two things align. Also, as you can see it wasn’t some boring city car like the… ok, without mentioning “boring city cars”, it was the all new Mercedes Benz GLC Coupe! Since I joined the AutoIQ Magazine in June 2012, I had quite a few cars from Mercedes: the A Class, two GLE’s, C Class Coupe, CLA Shooting Brake… All these cars weren’t bad at all, and I’ve been enjoying driving every single of it.

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Mercedes C-Class Coupe with the best color ever! This is a great combination

It’s been a while since I’ve photographed this car, I think somewhere around February 2016. There have been a couple of cars from Mercedes which I’ve photographed, like the new A class, CLA shooting brake, two GLE’s… All of these cars are cool, but I have to admit that the C Class coupe, this particular, had all you want in that kind of a car.

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