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View of the Gothenberg city from the top of the Lipstick building

Since I came to Gothenburg, I’ve been hearing about the Lilla Bommen building, called – The Lipstick (Swedish: Lappstiftet). The nickname makes the sense when you see it! It is also known as a Skanskaskrapan (The Skansa Skyscraper), Vattenstanded (a double entendre: The Water Level and The Water Erection) and Legohuset (The Lego House).

A quick update on what’s going on + photos of Zagreb

After two days of the Lion’s run and the Pink Wing, I stopped publishing here, and that was almost two months ago! Of course, it wasn’t because I was lazy (well, I would say that that is one of the reasons), it’s because all of my free time is spent working for my two other

Wings for Life 2017: Challenge for the runner and for the storyteller

I started running on the Christmas eve back in 2015, and I fell in love with it very fast. Since then, I’ve attended only one race, and it was the Zagreb half marathon (in 2016; also, it’s worth mentioning that I’m already signed up for the Zagreb half marathon 2017 in October). I haven’t planned