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Skoda Kodiaq was SO CLOSE to look really great, but…

Since the AutoIQ story is long over, I have no more chance to photograph interesting cars and publish them. Most of the cars I’ve published in 2017 are from the archive, but a friend of mine got me a half an hour with the new Skoda Kodiaq. I couldn’t resist that, so I took my

These are the best cars and the best photos I took on the Zagreb Auto Show 2016

In the article After a long eight years, the original Zagreb Auto Show finally came home!, I mentioned that this event is one of the best events I’ve photographed in a long time. In that article, I mentioned why I think like that. There are many reasons for that, and these photos will show you only one

Zagreb Auto Show 2016: The press day wasn’t enough! I had to go there one more time

The press day wasn’t enough! Yesterday, as soon as I finished with my shift, I grabbed my equipment and went to the Zagreb Auto Show – again. I knew that there would be A LOT of people, so I wanted to photograph the atmosphere. Luckily, I managed to park at the Velesajam (where the car

Beautiful girls next to amazing cars.. Zagreb Auto Show showed what are they capable of

Zagreb Auto Show 2016 lasts one more day, but I’ve already published a huge post about it. Before exploring this post, I would like to recommend you to check out that article. Now, when you’ve finished with that, let’s get back to this post.

After a long eight years, the original Zagreb Auto Show finally came home!

Finally, it’s here! Today was the press day of the Zagreb Auto Show 2016, which was away for a long 8 years. The last two Zagreb Auto Shows were organised back in 2006 and 2008, and I had a chance to photograph them. Those were the days I started photographing, I had two cameras: one was

Skoda Fabia with a great color combination!

Personally, I’ve driven Skoda Fabia for the last 11 years or so (now I drive the model released in 2008), so I was curious when I got the latest one on a test. At first sight, it looks great with that blue and black combination (the same one as the Honda Civic I drove somewhere