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The 350th anniversary of Royal Cravates Elite Cavarly Regiment

I’ve already photographed the Guard shift a couple of times ago, and the last time in April this year. But, this Guard shift was called THE BIG Guard shift because they were celebrating the 350th anniversary of the first time the cravat was mentioned. Guard shift is a pretty cool event, especially now when a tourist

One of the COOLEST events of the year started – the Guard shift

Guard shift is a pretty cool event especially now when a tourist season is starting. It’s a new project of the Zagreb Tourist Board in collaboration with the institution Academica Cravatica who jointly created a new tourism program – changing of the guard company Honorary Kravat regiment.

Roaming around the city and making new topics for LG

My weekly schedule, mostly, is like this: I do planning and researching from Monday to Friday, and on weekends I go out and shoot. In the last couple of months, my topics are mostly meant for the Lice grada, but I try to make content for this website also. Last weekend, I went out on

I went on a tour around the Advent in Zagreb as soon as it started

I’ve already published a post about the opening of the Advent in Zagreb, and this is a photo walk a couple of days after. Note: if you understand Croatian, feel free to check out more stories about Advent in Zagreb (and other stuff about the city) on Lice Grada.