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The results of the 3 hour walk on -14 degrees… But, the job was done!

My weekly schedule, mostly, is like this: I do planning and researching from Monday to Friday, and on weekends I go out and shoot. In the last couple of months, my topics are mostly meant for the Lice grada, but I try to make content for this website also. Last weekend, I went out on Saturday and Sundar (both in the morning), but I got better photos on Saturday (unlike the weekend before where I was super satisfied with the “catch”) so here are a couple of photos I got during my walk on -14 degrees!

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A couple of forgotten images I took in Varazdin back in June 2016

Well, these images were almost forgotten since I took them somewhere in June 2016, but for some reason I didn’t like them much. I still think that they aren’t anything special, so I’ll just publish them as a small photo gallery, without making a story about that one-day road trip.

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After the grand opening, I went on a tour around the Advent in Zagreb

I’ve already published a post about the opening of the Advent in Zagreb, and this is a photo walk a couple of days after. Note: if you understand Croatian, feel free to check out more stories about Advent in Zagreb (and other stuff about the city) on Lice grada.

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