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The first photo walk after my vacation in Sweden

I had to take a couple of days off since I came from my vacation in Gothenburg, Sweden. I did the usual things for Lice Grada and WhyZagreb?, and after a while, I went for a photo walk around to city to make new topics for Lice Grada. Before I get to the photos, I

Photographing event Advent in a different way at the ISO8000

Last weekend I made a photo reportage for Lice Grada (big surprise, right?) about the Advent in a different way. It’s a really cool tour around Zagreb where you learn how the Christmas time looked a long time ago, what people used to do, what they used to eat, a lot about tradition of those

Zagreb got two electric replicas of the Ford Model T

At the start of the 2016, the city of Zagreb announced a new hot attraction for tourists which includes a tour around Zagreb in the old Ford Model T from the 1905. Not only that, but the car is powered by electricity! Besides the fact that these Fords are replicas and made in China, this is

Roc: The last location within my one day roadtrip around Istria

A month and a half ago, I went to Istria to make a project called The Spirit of Istria, and with this post, I finished with publishing all of those amazing places I’ve visited. In a couple of days (probably on May 24th), I’ll publish a small review of that project, and I’ll announce something. I’ve gathered

Hum, the smallest town in the world as a part of The Spirit of Istria

The drive from Draguc to Hum was one of the most boring and difficult that day. The environment was interesting, but I think I was really tired at that time, so I didn’t enjoy it as much as I would if I was rested. The drive lasted for around 40 minutes, which also includes a

Draguc has something really special and I’ll go back there

After a couple of known Istrian places, my next destination was a really small town Draguc, also known as the Istrian Hollywood.  I never heard of this place, but the images I saw on the internet convinced me to put this place on my list for the project The Spirit of Istria.