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A quick update on what’s going on + photos of Zagreb

After two days of the Lion’s run and the Pink Wing, I stopped publishing here, and that was almost two months ago! Of course, it wasn’t because I was lazy (well, I would say that that is one of the reasons), it’s because all of my free time is spent working for my two other

The Radiceva street connects the Lower and the Upper town in Zagreb

Radiceva street is one of the most known and one of the oldest streets in Zagreb. It got its name by Stjepan Radic, who was the Croatian politician, writer, translator and journalist. The Radiceva street is located in the center of Zagreb, it leads from the Square Banus Josip Jelacic (the main square in Zagreb), or

I’ve walked on the streets of Opatija many times, but only a couple of times with my camera

Last week I was in Rijeka because I was doing a project called The Spirit of Istria, and since I made it in a single day, I had two days to spare. On one of those days, I visited Opatija, which is located just near Rijeka. When I was a kid, I was often there,

Rainy edition of the 24th Zagreb Marathon

I remember the 23rd edition of the Zagreb marathon, when the Sun was shining, it was hot, I wasn’t sick… I’ve really enjoyed photographing it last year. This year, the 24th edition of the Zagreb marathon was a bit different. It was raining, it was around 10 celsius degrees, and I was sick as hell