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The first photo walk after my vacation in Sweden

I had to take a couple of days off since I came from my vacation in Gothenburg, Sweden. I did the usual things for Lice Grada and WhyZagreb?, and after a while, I went for a photo walk around to city to make new topics for Lice Grada. Before I get to the photos, I

The Lappstiftet building, The Feskekorka, The Kronhuset…

This is a post about the last really long, and a random, walk around the streets of Gothenburg. This walk was around 17 kilometers long! I had a couple of locations I wanted to visit, so I’ll write a short info about those places.

A quick update on what’s going on + photos of Zagreb

After two days of the Lion’s run and the Pink Wing, I stopped publishing here, and that was almost two months ago! Of course, it wasn’t because I was lazy (well, I would say that that is one of the reasons), it’s because all of my free time is spent working for my two other

I left my DSLR at home and decided to take photos with my S7

Last weekend, on Saturday, my friends and I decided to go to the Queen’s Well, which is well known among the people who live in Zagreb as a popular place on the Medvednica hill. It takes about an hour (we walked around 45 minutes) of walking after you park your car. Since I usually don’t take

Roaming around the city and making new topics for LG

My weekly schedule, mostly, is like this: I do planning and researching from Monday to Friday, and on weekends I go out and shoot. In the last couple of months, my topics are mostly meant for the Lice grada, but I try to make content for this website also. Last weekend, I went out on

I went on a tour around the Advent in Zagreb as soon as it started

I’ve already published a post about the opening of the Advent in Zagreb, and this is a photo walk a couple of days after. Note: if you understand Croatian, feel free to check out more stories about Advent in Zagreb (and other stuff about the city) on Lice Grada.