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A peaceful walk around the Park Maksimir covered with the snow

After many cold winter days, yesterday, on the Friday 13th, Zagreb was covered with a snow. In the afternoon it started snowing, which was enough for me to take a walk around one of my favorite places in the city – the Park Maksimir. This is what I got there…

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Thick fog, snow and the low temperatures… I’ve photographed Honda HR-V

Yesterday morning I had to wake up at 6am and photograph the Honda HR-V. Everything would be ok if I remembered that the sunrise occurs after 7.30am, so the first part of the photo shoot was in the dark. After some time, the Sun went above the horizon, but because of thick fog I stayed in the dark. I finished by 8.30am and everyone was happy!

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I can’t remember when was the last time I saw the blue sky above and the snow below

Four days ago, I uploaded an article After a long run in the snow, I decided to grab my camera and photograph the first snow in 2016. I only visited the park Maksimir where I published images of the park Maksimir covered in snow. I that article I wrote that for the first time in my life, I can say that I hate snow, and I also said that I didn’t plan photographing snow because social networks and news websites were full of images of snow. I really didn’t want to go out and photograph it.

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